Researching Global Equitable Learning Health Systems

Applying Generative AI to Reduce Global Health Disparities



Learning Copilot

Assist medical students and doctors in studying clinical cases with a new learning copilot tool based on generative AI, enabling more informed decisions.


Research Support

Support individual doctots and clinical teams worldwide in conducting healthcare AI and learning health system (LHS) unit research,  applying machine learning (ML), generative AI (like ChatGPT), EHR, and synthetic patient data.


LHS tech Forums

Partner with Learning Health Community, Stanford professors, and global experts to co-organize forums, fostering global collaborations for implementing healthcare AI and learning health system units.


Collaborate to enhance your medical learning, research and practices.

Clinical case learning copilot online service

Healthcare applications of GenAI like ChatGPT 

EHR data pipelines and machine learning

Synthetic patient data and applications

Practical training for building ML-LHS units